The Old Made New

06 Apr

ImageYesterday, I received a bit of a treat.

I’ve been living in Santa Fe for about a year now. I was here for three years in the past, before a two year hiatus. On returning, I was a minimalist with my luggage; I brought only clothing, my laptop (now defunct), and a collection of my most precious books. Bringing the books out was a bit of a task, paper is heavy and I was stopped by airport security midway through my trip, quite nearly stranding me in Colorado. Just the same, I made it, with enough to live on plus enough to keep me entertained.

Over the following twelve months, I got a job and some gigs and made a few purchases. Computer’s replaced. Internet operational. New clothing, new kitchen supplies, new music, new world. New sound system. Little by little, I replaced my old things, until I had a brand new life around me.

At long last, on the fourth, my mother drives out with a trailer. The catch about the old things was that they had to have gone somewhere, and they were gradually moved with other parties from New York to Tennessee. She has them there, presumably in the basement, in bins for several months, then brings them out with her on her way to Dilia.

Do you have any idea how easy it is to forget the things that mean so much to you? How delightful it is to get them back? It was better than Christmas. I got a full crate of books (at least two more pending out in Tennessee, maybe for next psuedo-Christmas); my movies and CDs; my old radio show recordings; my outback jacket; my best and sexiest ties; my old computer equipment; my guitar, bass, keyboard, V-drums, mixing board, and amplifier; my fedoras; perhaps most importantly, my cat Cannoli.

God, I missed that cat.

It’s all piled in the living room, for the moment, as I dig through everything and decide what needs to stay, what needs to be thrown out, and what needs to be donated. Every time I do, it’s a holiday all over again.

…Mostly because of the cat and the books.

‘Noli, that dope cat, has been reminding us whom is in charge in the most conservative possible ways, such as stealing the bag of catnip and slinging it all over the place, then rolling in it. Just yesterday she wandered into my office space and greeted me with a loud “RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT” from under the desk. I look down and find her screwing around with my power supply fan, just for the hell of it, something that had to be clarified as a problem.

Gotta love that cat.

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