ProfileMichael Eric Oberlin is a writer and engineer located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He enjoys electronic and beat-heavy music, provided the blood and sweat of the musician is still in it; he also enjoys an occasional opera. He plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and electronic drums, with a mild mastery of MIDI technology and a profound understanding of multimedia software and its construction.

He has spoken a few dialects of English, two of Spanish, one of Japanese and half of one of Russian, with flakes of Czech and Creole; but if you jump him on the street and quiz him on them, you aren’t likely to get anything but an insult, which may or may not be in the right language.

He has worked as a journalist for several consecutive years, and has studied writing under the late veteran Robert Knight, and the poet laureate Sally Keith. His linguistic training includes courses taken under linguists Jennifer Collins Bloomquist and Eleanor Hogan. Additional studies in cognitive neuroscience have complemented this, under the guide and mentorship of Doctor Christopher Mark Wessinger. Stir in some anthropology and religious studies alongside grounded (and entirely secular) courses in physics, and you know what you have? An honest agnostic with atheistic leanings.

That’s actually different from an atheist; just not very.

And he actually knows how to tie a real bow tie. No one’s sure how he does it, but there it is, like magic.


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