As a friendly alternative to the search bar, for those of you who either aren’t sure what you’re looking for or aren’t looking for anything in particular. I present a numerically listed archive of my fiction and non-fiction work. It isn’t all in here, but it should be easier to make sense of its ordering than it is on the front page.



All items are copyright Michael Eric Oberlin. I believe the details of the copyright are at the top of each page; if one of them lacks it, it was probably lost in the formatting, so please kindly let me know so that I can correct it. “The Stygian Quartet” will ultimately be published for profit, but I am happy to give you a blurb or two from the beginnings to critique and enjoy. I’m in an editing phase on “The Diviner” (otherwise finished), and quite a few chapters into “The Mechanist” and “The Alchemist”. “The Magus” has been a bit slippy, but I’ll figure it out. “The Trials of Maegon Deep” is a novella which I am currently working on, which will be placed on this site in full; its setting is the same as that of “The Diviner”. (Any non-link text is material which I have refrained from putting online just yet.)





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